BOBST Customer Testimonials - Helpline Plus

“Despite the heavy use of our machines we seldom need a BOBST service technician to come here”

Helpline Plus gives you even faster and more effective assistance. With your permission, our technicians work remotely on your equipment directly via the Internet, allowing you to cut your assistance costs and making the need to call in a BOBST engineer up to 80% less likely.


When we call, the situation is usually serious

Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH – Damme, Germany

When customers subscribe to the Helpline Plus service a BOBST technical expert can remotely troubleshoot a production line, however big or small the problem. “We use Helpline Plus on our BOBST MASTERLINE and DRO lines,” explains Ralf Düvel, Maintenance Manager at corrugated packaging manufacturer, Zerhusen Kartonage. “When we call, the situation is usually a bit more serious.”

With Helpline Plus the BOBST specialist uses a secure Internet connection to the affected line, saving customers considerable downtime either by fixing the problem remotely, or explaining how the customer can fix it, or by dispatching an appropriate BOBST technician with any necessary parts.

In most cases, the BOBST Helpline Plus service fixes the fault without a technician needing to be dispatched. “Despite the heavy use of our machines we seldom need a BOBST service technician to come here,” says Mr Düvel.


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Machine availability is improved

Model Obaly a.s. - Opava, Czech Republic

As a plant focused on the rapid and efficient manufacture of corrugated packaging, getting help quickly if a machine isn’t running properly is important for the Model site in Opava, Czech Republic. This is why the plant has added Helpline Plus systems to its two size-V BOBST die-cutters.

With Helpline Plus the plant has a direct line to specialists at the BOBST headquarters in Mex, Switzerland who can connect to the machines over the Internet to help identify the cause of a problem. “They will advise us how to fix the problem, they will fix it remotely, or they will send an engineer with the correct parts,” says Jiří Matýsek, Member of the Board at the company.

“It saves time and means that machine availability is improved. Also it can cut costs because we don’t always need a BOBST engineer to visit.”


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